Jean Malek
is a film director & photographer

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Photographer & Director: Jean Malek
Styling by Jean Malek & Natacha Nicol
Hair Styling & Makeup by Cynthia-Christina Cadieux
Director of Photography: Thomas Soto
Models / Actors: Teagan (Folio Montréal),
Daniel Churchill & Abdul Ayoola (Agence la Suite),
Catja Berthiaux (Jeff & Jidi)
Produced by and for Please Don’t Tell inc.
Creative Direction, & Concepts by Please don’t tell inc.
Design + Poster Design: Please don’t tell inc.
Copywriter: Brandon Calder
Music by Arthur Gaumont
Post-Production: Post430
Color Correction: Charles-Étienne Pascal / SHED
Sound Design: Underground
Clients: The Vintage Frames Company