Jean Malek
is a film director & photographer

Jean is represented as a Film Director in Canada by Quatre Zero Un Inc.

Philippe Lalande

+1 (514) 926-1612‬

Jean is represented as a Film Director in the USA by Residency Content

Gaetan Rousseau

+1 (212) 366-5526
+1 (917) 400-4507

Jean is the Creative Director of  Please Don’t Tell Inc.
He works as a Photographer & Film Director

+1 (514) 812-5326

More about Please Don’t Tell inc.

Please Don’t Tell is a hybrid creative studio equally focused on artistic and commercial projects. Based in Montreal, Canada, we collaborate with a global network of multidisciplinary partners and talents, enabling us to work locally and remotely. From photo and video production to concept development and consulting, our unique structure facilitates a rapid turnaround for  memorable and culturally relevant content for the digital age. Our unabashedly impactful style celebrates the perfectly imperfect, and brings out the extra in the ordinary.

Enough Said.